5 IPhone Tips And Tricks

1. Block Numbers
Did you get into an annoying group text or have a telemarketing company that doesn't know when to stop? Apple iPhones are now setup so you can block numbers. All you have to do is click on the little "i" with a circle icon around it. This will give you the option to block this caller.

2. Camera Shutter Button
Want to catch that perfect camera shot? This will help, you can now hold down the camera button and your iPhone will keep taking photos until you release the button. Then you can go into your photos and choose the perfect shot!

3. Hide your number
If you'd like to hide your number when making a phone call you can use this simple code.
#31#phone-number + call

4. Charge Faster
If you're in a hurry to get your phone charged you can do this simple trick. Simply turn on the air plane mode. This will stop all wifi and data draining apps while allowing you to juice up the phone quickly.

5. What song is this?
If you hear a song playing and you just can't remember who it is or want to find out which band it is then ask Siri! "Hey Siri, What Song is this? Siri will be able to tell you and you can also purchase it on iTunes.

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