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Easily sell your laptop, PC, or any other electronic device using our straightforward procedure. With the largest computer database at our hands, we offer the best cash for selling your pre-owned laptop through our buyback service. Not only that, but our shipping times are faster than the average.

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To sell your previously owned laptop or computer, just input the model number, brand, and current condition of your device. Once you do this, you will immediately receive a cash estimate for selling your used or damaged PC online.

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If you are interested in selling your computer to us following the cash estimate, all you need to do is fill out the shipping form. You will soon receive a confirmation email, and we'll take care of everything else to ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

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Upon receiving your device, we will immediately assess its condition and compare it to the original quote submitted by you. Once verified, we will issue your payment through either a Company Check or PayPal account on the same day.

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Sell your laptop, computer, or
any other gadget online

Looking to sell your used or broken laptop, desktop computer, Macbook, iPhone, or other gadgets for cash and use extra cash to upgrade? At Sellmelaptop, we're here to assist you by buying your used or broken computers.

After all, selling your old computer or even a broken computer can put extra cash in your pocket. That additional money can be used to invest in a high-quality model from a reputable online store, ensuring you meet all your tech needs and aspirations.


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Online with SellMeLaptop for cash

At, our online service is eager to purchase your laptops, PC, or other gadgets, regardless of whether they're old, gently used, or even non-functional. In other words, we're even open to buying devices that don't turn on. Additionally, if you're looking to sell multiple devices online, our cash cart simplifies the process. You can sell your old laptop along with other gadgets, such as smartphones or MacBooks, in a single quote. And the best part? One order allows you to sell up to 5 devices.

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If your computer has lost its trade-in value due to damage or becoming obsolete, making it impossible to sell online, SellMeLaptop offers a free recycling service. Simply ship your device to us, and we'll ensure its proper recycling.

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In today's modern era, the realm of consumer electronics is advancing at an unprecedented pace, marked by rapid strides in hardware engineering, contemporary designs, and daily innovations. Laptop manufacturers and consumers alike continuously introduce faster laptop/desktop models and other gadgets tailored to meet diverse needs in our work and daily lives.

Moreover, you can effortlessly generate significant cash to offset the cost of upgrading from an older laptop, MacBook, or any outdated device by selling it to SellMeLaptop.

We provide complimentary shipping, eliminating the need for you to be concerned about any shipping expenses.

We consistently strive to maintain fairness in our pricing for the benefit of all our customers.

With our extensive database of devices, you have the flexibility to select the exact item you're looking for.


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Recycle your broken computer
and save the environment

You have several options:


Maximize Your Returns with Old Computer

Selling your old computer or laptop can sometimes feel challenging, especially when you're driven by an eco-friendly mission. We're all aware of the environmental risks of improperly discarding electronic components. That's why it's crucial to find the best avenues to sell or recycle them, rather than just tossing them aside.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Unwanted Laptops

Before you consider discarding that old or broken computer, think about the positive environmental impact you can make by selling it online. Wondering where to sell your old "unworthy" devices? We are eager to buy your used laptops or other computers, regardless of their condition. Whether it's slightly used or completely dead, there's a chance for it to fetch you some cash.

Make a Green Impact and Earn Cash

When you choose to sell your old PC or laptop, you're not just getting cash on the spot; you're also playing a significant role in environmental conservation. Electronic waste contains harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can contaminate our groundwater. By selling your device, you're preventing these toxins from harming our planet and its inhabitants.

Maximize Your Benefits with SellMeLaptop: The Ultimate Laptop Recycling Solution

You can make a significant impact on the environment and your wallet by selling your laptop online exclusively to SellMeLaptop. Unlike local recycle donation centers that offer no cash in return, SellMeLaptop provides you with a straightforward way to earn money from your old laptop. Additionally, they are interested in buying valuable laptop parts, offering you a substantial sum for them. These parts are essential for repairing other faulty laptops, proving their worth.

Choosing to sell your used computer not only contributes to environmental preservation but also benefits you financially. Picture yourself receiving a handsome sum of cash after a prolonged period of financial strain. Perhaps you never imagined that the unused laptop in your drawer could transform into a valuable asset. Sell yours now and enjoy the financial rewards.

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