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As the saying runs, laptop owner takes joy on two occasions: first time - when he could buy a laptop, secondly - when he could sell it. This article is predicted to help people, who want to sell laptop, and sell for double, what it costs. New gadgets have one specific character - they are getting old too fast. As a rule, it can be really difficult to sell your laptop fast and for a good price just because many people don't trust used technic. Look at eBay or other popular webpages! It can happen that selling posts usually hang for a weeks or months here. Nevertheless, there is another suitable variant of selling used or overused technic - selling it to used technic store or specialized service company.


Laptops can be broken

The technic is an instrument and it has own expiry date. Speaking about laptops and smartphones, their expiry date can be about 2-3 years. Your device becomes off-market, losing money. The most optimal term for selling laptop is 1, 5 0 - 2 years. This is the time, when people still remember about this model as far as it is still hot and happening. Then, new technologies succeed.

There is an example: I decided to take my old laptop off my hands for the reason its screen began to switch of without any visible cause. Definitely, it was the right time to sell until it stopped working. I have to say that I didn't use mu stuff very often, so, the laptop was in a good condition. There is an advice: try to sell your used laptop, when glitches just appeared.

You know, the glitches become the main reason of you laptop inoperability. Thus, you will have to throw it away or get some money, selling your PC for details. Doing everything in time, you can get enough money for your used equipment in order to add some money and buy new stuff half-free. Just think, your old technic works slowly, reducing working abilities day by day. Selling your laptop for any price, you have a chance to buy new desired equipment, based on new technologies.

It's time to change something

It is silly not to look forward. That is why, as it was previously described, it is better to change technic at least once in 2 years. There are those, who wish to buy your old stuff. Just post a selling proposal for the attractive price - about 50% of your laptop primary value. Of course, you can start with 70%. Don't hesitate! Based on the above reasons, I wanted to sell my DELL laptop for 600USD. There was no retreat, as my PC could be overused so soon. - I preferred to get 350USD instead of stylish box, which is out of order.

It is important to start changes from answering the question "What makes a price of your laptop?"
  • Laptop stuffing: hard drive characteristics, processor, operating memory, video card;
  • Technical working condition of major laptop components: outward, monitor condition, keyboard, installation hardware, battery and general working stability;
  • Availability of shrink-wrapped complement: charge, ox and data sheet.

As a rule, when someone wants to buy your laptop, you need to know answers all possible questions. For instance, if you are going to sell laptop in a good condition - you can sell it for a higher price than the same machine with the same parameters, but used-up. Nevertheless, selling new laptop, you should put a price of 80% from its primary value.

An optimistic view of things

Public sale (off your hands):
  • You always have an opportunity to sell laptop more profitably than in the shop;
  • There is a chance to be failed, of course, if you are not a good technician;
  • Uncertainty about selling terms;
  • Additional inconveniences: needed a place to check a laptop.
Professional sale:
  • You can get cash in 15 minutes after checking your laptop;
  • There is always a guarantee of a fair deal - it is better to make a deal just with the reliable partners;
  • You can sell overused equipment, or defective technic;
  • Minimal guarantee.

There is no any guarantee that offered professional price will be higher than desired. So, it is time to choose, which variant you prefer: selling-buying advertisements or professional legal cooperation. The laptop can be different model and brand. There are many computers with various characteristics in our time. You can be sure that your laptop will be always suitable, whatever condition it has. Try to get a high repurchasing price anyway.


Selling laptop for parts

There are many online services, ready to repair your old computers, or buy them for parts. Also known as the e-waste or computer buyback companies. So, your overused PC is not fully hopeless, as you used to think. The price will surprise you! It can happen that your laptop is not prepared for online sale and there is much personal information in it. But, this is not a problem. Professional computer experts will save it for you, using new informational carrier for free.

Have you ever thought of a reason, why companies usually buy your overused or old laptops? So, as a rule, all details are used for reparation of broken models, or those, which are out of production. As you can see, buying-up activity is useful. That is why, don't think long - service companies can help to make a way with your old computing equipment and get necessary parts.

Thus, you have met two variants of selling your PC. This is your choice and your responsibility. To clear up the situation, remember the words: "If I knew someone locally who was selling used laptop, I might consider buying it if I could test drive it first. However, I would never even consider purchasing a used laptop off the Internet. You never know if it has been dropped" (Brien Posey, Five tips for getting a good price on a laptop, Tech Republic, November 28, 2010). Obviously, if your laptop is in a good working condition - it is not a problem to sell it. There is an advice to take care of your technic for the reason to sell it for a good price in future. This is a maximal profit and no expenses.

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