Cashing In Your Old Laptop

Cashing in your old laptop for some money is worth it, especially if it is broken down. There are many recycling companies willing to take it.

You have upgraded to a new laptop and you want to get rid of your old one, at least to take care of the clutter and the electronic waste at home. There are many ways to get rid of the gadget. Firstly, you can just opt to dump it in the garage and let it stay there to rot. Secondly, you can sell it at a throwaway price to the local geek or thirdly, you can find recycling companies that are willing to pay top dollar for your laptop. This is the best way to get some money out of the dead machine. It has its pros and cons too. Here, we shall look at them both.

Pros of getting cash for laptop from recycling companies

This is the handiest way to control electronic waste at home and in our environment too. The recycling companies that buy such will get all the working parts that can be used for repair or can be recycled to be used in new laptops again. That way, you can be sure that your machine went to a good end.

The cash that you will be offered will be based on the condition, model and make of the laptop. Just as different models in the market cost different prices, so do they also cost different prices when they are broken down. Most of the companies will pay the seller based on the questions that they ask on their quote page and not on the cosmetic condition of the machine.

You get your cash immediately. As soon as you ship the laptop, of which most companies will pay for the shipping, you will get your cash through the agreed method as soon as they get it. Note that these companies will buy your laptop irrespective of the nature of the damage, even water damaged laptops. You will find that the buyer will not revise the quote that they gave you on the machine. There are no hidden reductions.

If you are not happy with the cash for laptop offered, the buyer will return your laptop, free of charge, meaning that you do not have to pay for the return shipping. The amount that you get on the quote page will be guaranteed. There will be no further deductions on the price and the buyer start proposing for such, you can always ask to get your old laptop back.

The main benefit and the beauty of the whole transaction is that it is done online, from the comfort of home. You will also not have to pay for the shipping. Finally, the buyers will refurbish the laptop, give it another leash of life and sell it again putting your machine to further good use.


How do you know that you are getting the full value or cash for laptop? Again, there is always that off hand chance that you could be scammed.

You should not keep your old, broken or dead laptop at home. It will only add to the clutter and electronic waste, which is bad for the environment. No matter what condition it is in, you will get cash for laptop.

By Robert Frederick

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