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Imagine this situation: you're a student at a college, you study a lot every day and you have various projects to complete by using your laptop that greatly facilitates your work. Eventually, there's a new model of laptop on the market and you just flip out and must have it (or, more realistically, the laptop you have just isn't cutting it anymore and you need a more powerful one). Now you find yourself in a tricky situation-you want the new laptop, you just need it, but the price is too high, and your tuition payment is also due in a few weeks. You could wait a few months until the price of the laptop drops and it becomes more accessible to you'or, you can try to find some way of earning some extra cash and buy it at its current price.

This is where it gets complicated: earning additional cash can be a real pain in the neck. The first logical option you would consider would be to find a part time job of some sort and earn a few bucks that way. Now, this might seem like the ideal solution at first glance, but soon you would realize that working on a job takes time-time you need to spend studying, so a job is probably out of the question. Another option you consider is to borrow money from your best friend. You know he'll give you the money, he knows you're good for it but again-you already have many expenses and an additional liability (regardless of the fact that you would owe money to someone you know as well as that they would know you) is just too risky at the moment.

So, let's see: you need the money right away, and you need to create it on your own; in other words, you need to earn it, and not borrow it. What do you do? The best solution is to sell your laptop. Getting cash for your laptop is the perfect way of obtaining additional money that you already have a use for-buying a better laptop. This is the right answer because it is characterized by speed (meaning that you're likely to find a buyer for your old device very soon on campus or the wider neighborhood) and ownership (meaning that you're earning the money rather than borrowing it, which means you don't have to pay it back with interest). Getting cash for your old laptop is, under the circumstances, the best solution for you right now.

Cash for your laptop doesn't have to be used for this particular purpose; it can be used for anything a student may require-additional books, food, studying material etc. In fact, this whole example is precisely that-an example. The cash you get when you sell your laptop will also come in handy regardless of the fact that you're a student, a working man, unemployed, still in school etc. In other words-no matter what you do, cash for your laptop serves as a lesson: since there are new models of laptops coming out constantly, the first time you sell your laptop is the time you might not be happy with the terms of your sale. The second and third time, that are bound to occur, will definitely go much better, because you will have learned from past experiences and been able to squeeze out even more cash for your laptop than the first time. That's just one more advantage of specialization for ya, right there.

By Alex Falcone

DATE: 12-01-2013