Help! I Need To Use Public Wi-Fi?

Everyday there is another front-page headline about a hacker that has broken into a major corporation’s network and re-directed thousands of individual’s personal data to hi-tech thieves who could then steal your online bank details and other sensitive data. And that's just for starters.

Follow these tips and your network will be super secure, allowing you to browse the internet and share documents, files and information safely.

1. Use a reputable Wi-Fi provider ONLY
We typically know our route or know the Wi-Fi legitimate hotspots. Make sure you know the service provider before you connect and use your Wi-Fi to receive or transmit.

2. Secure Websites Only
While on the road away from your secure Wi-Fi, avoid being on your social media sites or online banking. These are the best places for the hackers to get the information they are looking for. You can use an encryption service such as HTTPS Everywhere.

3. Install Antivirus and Anti-Malware Applications
In addition to your connection, malware can be part of your security problems. It can break into your phone, laptop, iPad, etc. and get your personal information too.

Per SophosLabs, the number of malicious Android apps has risen steadily in the last four years. In 2013, just over a half million were malicious. By 2015 it had risen to just under 2.5 million. For 2017, the number is up to nearly 3.5 million.

Make sure that you update your security applications.

4. Turn off ALL Sharing Options

Since we are used to sharing our home device with a printer or maybe even an external hard drive, we have our sharing options on. Remember to turn your sharing options OFF when you're using a Wi-Fi hotspot on the road.

5. Bluetooth OFF

By turning your Bluetooth off, you save your battery life and your personal information.

6. Use a VPN

Using a VPN is one of the easiest ways to ensure your data is safe and secure. Two good examples are Avast SecureLine, proXPN and Hotspot Shield.

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