Important Things to do to get the best from your used Mac

If you have upgraded your laptop, there is still a good chance that you can still make some money from your old device. To increase its online marketability, ensure that you give it a comprehensive physical cleaning to give it a "sleek" look. Be sure to clean the hard disk off all your files to avoid getting them into unsafe hands before you sell Mac.

If you have recently upgraded your old Mac Laptop, you might as well decide to fetch a few bucks from the device, now that you have no more use for the same.

Before you let go that device, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that it brings in a little more cash for you. Perhaps, there are several of your old files still lingering on the Mac' s hard disk and those you would not want to get into the hands of any stranger. Here are several things that you will want to do before you sell Mac for some extra cash, read on to get a clear understanding of the same.

Physically cleaning the Mac device

  • Spray a paper towel with water until it is wet, carefully not to make the paper towel drip. Place the wet towel on the Mac device ensuring that it covers the keyboard completely. Be sure to cover the touchpad as well if this is incorporated in the device. Ensure that the damp paper towel covers the keyboard in entirety.
  • Allow the towel to sit for at least ten minutes. Put a small amount of surface cleaner in a container and dip some cotton swabs into it to moisten the ends.
  • Take the paper towel from the keyboard. By now, the surface cleaner will have softened any crusts on the keys. Using the cotton swabs, dig firmly into the keys to remove possible "gunk" before it gets dry.
  • The last thing here to sell Mac in its best state will be wiped down the screen and the remaining case. Use the cotton swaps to clean small gaps and leave the device to dry for one hour.

Scrub any Data from the Mac

This is a vital thing to do before you sell Mac, especially if you have been using your Mac for confidential organizational work. So, how do you go about this?

  • Get a disk-wipe utility- here you can find credible suggestions in the Mac's Resource section, otherwise you can use one that you are conversant with. If a utility option is worth your consideration, then it should have no problem booting from an external device other than the hard drive. Burn a boot CD or make a boot device from the USB port, you could also consider a floppy drive here.
  • Boot from the CD or the USB device. Be careful to wipe the correct device keeping in mind that the hard disk will indicate the name of the manufacturer. Run the disk-wipe utility and give it time to complete - this may take some time. The utility will display a message if it completes successfully. In case of an error, consider replacing the hard drive before you sell Mac.

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