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The laptop is a very important device in the life of modern people. No matter how you work, how you spend your leisure time, a laptop is likely to take a certain place in your life. However, such devices may break down at the most inopportune moment. So the question of buying new, more productive and modern gadget is always relevant. But what do you do with your old one? Even a broken unit can be useful if you dispose of it properly.


Selling Reasons

As practice shows, people don't sell broken laptops to increase their income. But why not take care of the environment and get some cash for a gadget, which in any case gathering dust on the shelves, and in the near future will be given to recycling. Recent UN data showed that in 2014 the world was thrown dump 40 million tons of waste electronic and electrical products (e-waste). Only 15% of the waste went to the recycling, despite the fact that the total cost of useful materials contained in them is estimated at $50 billion.

However, for users of the main reasons for selling broken laptops include the following:

  1. Too costly repairs. Sometimes the cost of the repair can exceed the price of the new device. If we are talking about obsolete units, then spend money on repair services doubly disadvantageous. In this case it's better to sell an old laptop, and then buy a new one;
  2. The laptop cannot be repaired. Breakdowns are different, so sometimes it's simply impossible to return the device to its previous state. Therefore, the owner has only two ways, namely to give the gadget for recycling or sell it for parts. Of course, if the technical condition of the laptop is very poor, you don't get a lot of cash for it. In this case, the price depends on the number of working elements and their market value.


When you try to sell off your broken laptop, you probably will take a long search for a buyer. The fact, that not every pawn shops are engaged in buying up broken equipment. You can try to sell your unit by giving announcement, but it takes a lot of your time, effort and patience. You could use it on a more productive and useful work than searching a buyer for your old and non-working device. Service centers may be a good option, but companies that provide web services for buying gadgets are paying more cash for broken laptops. In addition, some well-known companies such as Apple and Samsung have special programs for recycling of their own products.

Selling Pricing

If you decide to trade your broken laptop, then you are interested in how much of cash you can get for it. The cost of the device depends on the age, brand, the package contents, external defects, type of breakdown, and sometimes unqualified repairs. In any case, the specialist will be carried out inspection and diagnosis to determine the real price of the laptop. As a result of these steps, he sums up the value of all the working parts.

Don't forget the fact that all of the elements aren't new, and therefore the cost will be slightly lower than the price of similar parts on the market. But if the laptop is in good condition, all the calculations made by another scheme. Firstly, the specialist will determine the market price. Secondly, he will calculate the cost of repairing the gadget. The difference between these two sums is the cash, which can get the owner of a broken laptop.

The film "The E-Waste Tragedies" (2014) very clearly demonstrated what happens to our modern gadgets after we throw them in the trash. By selling your old laptops you are helping not only themselves, but also around the world. You get cash, get rid of unnecessary things, give new life to the devices and make contribution to the legal disposal of e-waste. Remember that the Devil is in the details and today this idiom sounds very alarmingly in the context of e-waste problem.

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