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Sell Acer Aspire 5050 Laptop

Acer Aspire 5050 IS:

Heavy signs of previous usage such as heavy marks and deep noticeable or visible scratches.

Light noticeable or visible signs of previous usage. Light marks or scratches.

Like New, no visible signs of previous usage.

Please use following check-boxes to best describe your laptop:

My laptop is:


Powers on and works perfect

Fully functional, minor signs of wear. Standart accessories included (AC adapter, cables, DVDs etc)

Does Not Power on/Spill Damage

When you press power button:
- nothing happens
- there is noise from the device but no image on the screen
- your device turns on and off
For a laptop you should check this box if motherboard has non-default password

Defective or broken screen

You should check this box if:
- there no image when device is on
- image is dark and hardly visible
- there are some visible lines across the image on the screen/display
- the screen/display cracked or broken
- there are visible scratches on the screen/display

Defective hard/ssd drive

You should check this box if:
- your device can not boot to OS
- your device's media/HDD makes clicking or/and grinding noise
- your device's media was excluded from configuration (hard/solid-state drive)

No/Bad optical drive CD/DVD/B-Ray

You should check this box if:
- your device's optical drive does not function as intended by manufacturer
- the optical drive was excluded from hardware configuration
Do not check this box if your device (laptop, notebook etc) comes without optical drive by default

Poor cosmetic condition

You should check this box if:
An item has been tested and verified to be in perfect working order, but the item shows signs of wear including scratches, dents, and other aesthetic problems
- your laptop device missing key-buttons or has damaged key-buttons
- the keyboard has some spill damage (coffee, tea etc) that is noticeable
- characters on the keys worn out and becoming invisible

No/Not original power adapter

You should check this box if:
- you don't have a AC power adapter/supply
- the AC adapter is broken
- the AC adapter is functional but wires from inside visible outside on the cable
- the AC adapter is not original that comes form manufacturer

Bad/missing battery

You should check this box if:
- the battery is lasts 20 minutes or less
- your device's battery is lost