Selling A Laptop: The Do's And Don'ts

Although selling your laptop can occur due to numerous reasons, ranging from wanting to upgrade to a newer model to having to sell it in order to get some much needed cash, it can be said that there are certain rules that must be followed in order to ensure that selling your laptop becomes a very accurate, efficient and most of all permanent process. Whether you're selling on-line or via newspaper ads, experience teaches us that the best way to create a reliable and honest deal when selling a laptop is to avoid doing certain things.

Firstly, if you're entering your device on an on-line auction site, it's always wise to make your reserve price much higher than the actual value of the laptop. Another thing that's a big no-no is leaving out a detail (such as, I don't know-a huge scratch on the device, for example) or damaging your laptop simply because the price you got is way lower than you expected. One thing in particular that you need to avoid is trying to sell the AC adapter and battery of the laptop separately from the device-no one wants to buy an incomplete laptop! Actually, the worst thing you could do is strip down your laptop and try to sell it as individual parts - think about it, there's a lesser chance you'll be able to find all the necessary buyers, as opposed to the only one buyer you need when selling a complete laptop.

On the other hand, the things you should do when you're selling your laptop include a detailed listing of all of the features of the device, such as tech specs etc. You should also include every single installation CD that was obtained by the original purchase of the device, as well as the operating system (OS) and the certificate of authenticity (COA). It is considered common sense to clean the screen and the overall surface of the device, and also put up a few pictures of it along with the aforementioned tech specs listing. One of the things that is most often overlooked when selling a laptop, especially on-line, is the customer relations - most of the people aren't too polite or time-sensitive when answering various questions asked by a potential customer. Change this if you want to add success to your sale.

It is a well known fact that selling a laptop, well selling almost anything, really, has a way of prolonging into a process that can take weeks, even months. However, selling a laptop also has another side to it-it can be swift, efficient, well worthwhile and not very time-consuming, especially if the aforementioned tips are applied in a prompt manner. It can be said that, while the reasons for selling a laptop can be very diverse, the process of selling it does not have to be a torment for the owner - although people are generally distrustful nowadays, they still respond well to sincerity and truthfulness and an owner that has these qualities (as well as his laptop) will surely have no trouble making a sale.

by Robert Frederick

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