Special Computer Repair

The life and work of modern man now is hard to imagine without a computer. Job, study, research, entertainment â?? all of these areas of activity and leisure is now impossible without electronic assistants. But like any device, computer or laptop may be broken. The irreplaceable assistant suddenly refuses to help â?? and often at the most inopportune moment. In this case, it is necessary to make special repair in order to provide the computer operability.


Possible malfunctions and problems

There are two types of faults that can make your computer unusable. The first type is the failure of the computer parts. The second type is software failure: faults of the operating system or programs installed on the computer. Sometimes both types of faults are interrelated. For example, an unstable mode of the equipment may lead to software errors. If your computer boots slowly, crashes frequently, reboots or stops operating the applications â?? most likely, the reason should be sought exactly in the software. To find and eliminate the causes of software failures it is necessary to address only to qualified professionals, otherwise you may lose your data. Often the operating system software errors are due to incorrect operation of computer components, so if you have such problems it is better to carry out a full diagnosis immediately, since the work in this mode may cause the computer failure.

If there are problems with the client software, likely reason is incorrectly installed programs, absence of necessary drivers, or the incompatibility of this version of the software with the operating system installed on the computer. In this case, an experienced specialist will perform a driver update or reinstall the program, closely following the installation and those messages that are issued during the installation.

As for the hardware malfunctions, they can be very different. Here are common causes: lack of response when you press the power button; the computer is turned on, but the loading does not occur; the computer starts booting, but immediately appears a "blue screen". The reasons for these phenomena may also be very different. In particular, it may be too much dust in system unit, the dried thermal grease, and dust-filled cooler. Water or humidity, static electricity, manufacturing defects, poor quality or untidy assembly can also cause damage. Obviously, computer repair or laptop repair can be carried out only in the case if the reason for its failure is clear.

Can the computer owner repair it by himself?

Is it worth to start a repair, if your computer becomes out of order? In general, if you are not a specialist in the repair of electronic equipment, this question should be answered in the negative. Computer or laptop is a sophisticated device, and to perform repair is impossible without an understanding of how it works. Moreover, unskilled repairs can exacerbate the problem, and then bring your computer to a working state will be more difficult, and the repair will cost more. In addition, for qualitative repair of the electronic device you need to have special equipment for the diagnosis and soldering.

In fact, only the simplest faults and failures in the computer you can resolve on your own. This can be done, if the repair does not require serious computer or laptop disassembling. For example, in the case of overheating, you can open a computer system unit or remove the laptop cover and clean the interior from dust, and, if necessary, apply a layer of thermal paste on the CPU for better heat dissipation. But in more complex cases where the cause of the problem is unknown, you should seek the services of professionals who have all that is necessary to determine the cause of the fault and to perform a qualified repair.

Professional repair

In carrying out special repair of computer or laptop, an experienced specialist usually explains to the client, what led to a failure and what will be the way to resolve it. In addition, he gives recommendations on how to use the computer correctly so that in the future to reduce the likelihood of failures. During a professional computer repair can be performed that is inaccessible to the layman and cannot be done by you. This is diagnostics and repair of motherboards, hard drives, graphics cards, power supplies. If necessary, BIOS updating and recovery can be produced. In case of problems with the operating system a professional will produce reinstallation or restoration of its functionality. Computer repair or laptop repair specialists can also, if owner wishes, to make the modernization of the computer and the replacement of its parts.

During repairs, as a rule, it is carried out as software test: detect the presence of adware, spyware, malware and viruses. To increase speed and faster start-up disk cleanup and defragmentation can be carried out.


Laptop faults in most cases do not differ from desktop computer malfunctions. However, there are special features. For example, they may concern the battery. Quite often laptop keyboard, which, unlike a desktop computer, is an integral part of the device, is filled with tea or coffee, and its contacts go out of order. However, sometimes the keyboard does not work, although it was not flooded. The reason for this may be the fault of the southern bridge of laptop or keyboard controller. The same causes may lead to failure of Touch Pad. Many owners of computers and laptops do very correctly: invite professionals to periodic examinations of computers, even if there are no obvious faults. This in many cases can prevent the occurrence of faults, as well as replacing outdated software, remove malware and enhance the computer speed.

Computer software for normal users so constituted that to use them for word processing, calculations and gaming are easy and simple. But this does not mean that computer programs or electronic computer circuit are simple. Therefore, if your computer or laptop has started to show signs of malfunction, contact the service centre, which has the ability to accurately determine the cause of the fault and carry out the appropriate repairs. It may be necessary to replace some part or component of an electronic circuit, or may be cause of the problem is malware or viruses. Using the tools and methods of diagnosis, experts will identify the problem and eliminate it.

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