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HP Touch Screen Laptop

Joshua Davis Pekin, IL, 61554January 1, 2018

I got a quote to sell my laptop at They offered me $200. I sent my laptop in and it arrived on 7/24/18 at about 6:30 in the evening. Notice the website is very indecisive about when you will be paid for your laptop. On the main page, it states you will be paid that very same day that they receive it, if you choose to receive your money via paypal. However, on the frequently asked questions page, it states it takes 1-2 business days to receive payment via paypal. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and figured it would be 1-2 days to receive my money. I didn't count Tuesday as a day since it arrived so late. Wenesday and Thursday come and go, with no contact from about my quote. On Friday, I attempt to both call and email them about my payment, with no reponse to either of my contact attempts. They are supposed to be open between the hours of 9am-5pm, you would think they could have returned my messages. Since I hadn't received any response on Friday, on Saturday I decided to complete a complaint with the Better Business Burea(BBB). Monday morning comes around, and I receive a confirmation email from the BBB saying they have contacted sellmelaptop, and I should expect a response shortly. Wouldn't you know it, about a half hour after the BBB emailed me, sellmelaptop contacts me via email, offering only $175 instead of $200, for my laptop that is only 6 months old, and literally has no scratches on it.They would have never contacted me, or paid, if I didn't contact the BBB. I am very disappointed with this experience. Obviously, this was a scam, notice how the website uses improper grammar and has many misspelled words on it. The only reason I chose this sketchy, obscure website, is because they offered the most for my laptop. Once you factor in how they short you, they don't offer the higest price. On another review on the BBB someone else also notes they didn't receive full payment either. I should known better. I'd hate to see this happen to anyone else. If you are considering selling your laptop online, I very highly recommend looking into other available options.