Selling Laptop For Cash. Don't Throw It Away Yet.

Have you have though about your old laptop as of an extra chunk of cash? Selling laptop to buy another one may sound like the case of taking from Paul to pay Peter, but that is not it. There are very many benefits to the two parties involved, that is, the buyer and the seller, and to the environment too.


When a company decides to upgrade its equipment, it has to get rid of the old ones and bring in new ones. In such a case, all the old laptops would have to go. Should they be shredded? Why should they go to waste just yet, while they could make the day for another person somewhere? The old computers can be sold and since most of them will be in good condition, they could even fetch up to 70% of the price.

Laptops are in their best service for two to three year of use. After that, they become slow and cannot keep up with its speed. When this time comes, no matter the attachment that one has formed with it, it just makes no sense to keep it. It is time to get new one. How about making some money out of the old device and get a new one, rather than just dump it while you will still buy another one?

Here are two ways to sell laptop for cash

1. Selling laptop to customers directly

Even for individuals, selling laptop is easy, especially in the online marketplaces. Just post a description and an image of the machine that you want to sell and then wait for the offers to come rolling. It is important to prepare your machine for sale. For example, make sure that you have deleted all data from the hard drive, that is, deleted beyond recovery. Remove all the personal accessories like graphics cards. Clean up the whole machine and make sure that you haven't left any of your business or personal data on the machine.


Selling is better than careless disposal of an old computer as that would lead to the leaking of dangerous compounds like lead to the soil and into the water. Such happenings pose the danger to the environment. It would be totally illegal for a company to dump a whole load of computers in their backyard. Even though a new computer holds the appeal for about 3 years only, it is made to last much longer and it would make a good device for someone else in Africa or Asia.

2. Trading laptops for cash on trade-in websites

If you are going to trade in your laptop for cash, find a good website. The website that you choose should be able to offer you a good quote for the computer. In addition, if they should offer to delete all your data for you, you should go for them. In most cases, you will find that the websites require you to enter the model of the laptop to give you a quote. Then after that, you just ship the laptop to them, they send you the money and the deal is done. Selling your laptop for cash is that easy. However, make sure that the website is credible enough since this business has bred many scammers. Look for customer reviews first and then make a decision on how to do and where, because there is a lot of laptop buyback places but not all of them follow up their quotes.

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